Copy and paste questions

Hi all,
when i want to copy questions or choices between forms, usually I can do copy and paste (or ctrl c, ctrl v) but I'm unable to do this now, when i right-click on the question i don't have the copy menu, is their an option that I need to activate? i tried in both Chrome and Microsoft edge


Hello Aysha,

If Ctrl+C and/or Ctrl+V have stopped working for you, then I would recommend checking your Windows settings. There are no CommCareHQ settings for activating or changing the copy/paste behavior.

The context menu (right-click menu) does not show a useful "Copy" action for performing copy/paste in this situation, that is why we recommend using the keyboard shortcuts. If keyboard shortcuts are not working in your browser, you may be able to find alternative copy/paste buttons under the "3 dots icon" menu in Chrome. I am unfamiliar with Microsoft Edge, hopefully there is a similar menu in that browser also.

Thanks @jmiller , seems like Microsoft edge treats questions as links, I changed some settings in my browser