Converting ODK/XLS forms to a CommCare form

Hi guys

I have had someone share with me a really long survey with 100+ questions and many lists associated with those questions. the Survey that i was shared is the XLS format of an ODK survey.

I would prefer not to have to rebuild the whole thing in Commcare. Can anyone point me to a quick and dirty way of making this happen?


Hi Mazz,

Here is a quick link for what you are looking for :

Please be aware of the limitations written on this page.

Hope you’ll succeed !


Thanks Michel

I had seen this link before but i misunderstood the steps needed.

for some reason, i'm getting the questions in, but none of the labels. i'm going to have to tweak the XML i guess to get that working. to make matters more interesting, it's a bi-lingual questionnaire :slight_smile:

Or if that doesn't work, i'll adjust the XLS form to be simpler and have less formatting options. maybe that'll help

thanks again


If there is a lot of formating in the labels, sometimes, based on the translator from xls to xml used, it can be buggy.
You can try adding the ’ before the label in the xls for each labels. Or refer to your translator documentation…


i’ll give it a shot! yeah, a “’” around labels should probably do the trick. if not, i’ll just remove the formatting options altogether and then see if i need to have any at all.