Conditional Alerts(SMS) on own instance of Commcare-Cloud

We are trying to enable Conditional Alerts (SMS) on an instance of Commcare-Cloud, but the Alerts do not seem to fire.

When looking at the Conditional Alerts, the processing always stays on 0% (Although it is marked as Active), and the Dashboard shows the Alerts are marked as "Processing in Progress" as illustrated in the Figures below.

In the public.yml file, we have set SMS_QUEUE_ENABLED: True , and re-executed the cchq $ENV update-config command, but I don't believe this has actually done anything? Is there anything else we need to do to get the Conditional Alerts to work?

From the Queuing section on page Scheduled Messages — CommCareHQ 1.0 documentation I can see that it expects two services to be running called: python queue_schedule_instances and python run_sms_queue ,but I can not see these running on our instance.

When I attempt to run cchq $ENV django-manage queue_schedule_instances -OR- cchq $ENV django-manage run_sms_queue , the command just appears to hang, without ever responding. Any ideas or suggestions?


To start processing SMS queues, you will need to add run_sms_queue and sms_queue processes to one of your machines in app-processes.yml and then run cchq <env> update-supervisor-confs.

  • Sravan

Thank you very much Sravan,

This helped a lot! We managed to get it to work after a few attempts. I have detailed what I believe we had to do to get it to work for us:

We had to modify the app-processes.yml to include the following too:

Management Commands

  • queue_schedule_instances

Celery Processes

  • reminder_case_update_queue
  • reminder_rule_queue
  • reminder_queue

We also had to run the commcare-cloud <env> service commcare stop then commcare-cloud <env> service commcare start after running the commcare-cloud <env> update-supervisor-confs and cchq <env> update-config commands. I am not sure if these were all necessary, but it does appear to be working now.

Thanks again!