Commcare sync export to a postgres databa keep running again and again with no result and no error

Hi everyone !

We need to export data form Commcare into a postgres data base to build dynamique reporting dashboard.

We have Commcare sync running correctly when pushing data to a local database but when we host commcare sync in our online server and try to export data to an online database, the export keeps running and running for hours and hours without errors.

Can someone help ?

Hello - without more information it's difficult to fully troubleshoot. Are you seeing any errors in the logs or do you have anything else you can share to help troubleshoot?

One thing to check is whether the online server able to sync to a local database. If not, then it might be that something related to CommCare Sync isn't set up properly - e.g. Celery is not running.

If the same server syncs to other places but not the online DB, then it's likely a connection problem - either configured improperly, network/firewall rules, etc.


Hello Cory thanks for getting back here is the error we're getting :

CeleryProgressBar class missing. Did you forget to import celery_progress.js?

That's strange. Do you see any other errors in the console or network tab of the browser?

There should be a file at <yoursite>/static/celery_progress/celery_progress.js - is that file there and loading properly?

Here is what we have in the static folder of commcare sync : css | font| images| js and there is no celery_progress.js

And here are our console errors :

Hmm, it looks like maybe the content type of the JS file is wrong? I think you'll need to Google around and try to figure out what's causing that "refused to execute" error.

Separately, whatever is causing the 500 error also likely needs to get fixed (but is likely a separate problem)

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