CommCare Power BI Integration

One to One Africa deployed our application and import of our Enable programme data has been uploaded to CommCare.

I am at the stage of setting up our Power BI dashboard. I have set up all the oDATA sets on CommCare, 22 oData sets in total. I am needing assistance as Power BI is giving me an error.

I logged into Power BI (we have a license and also downloaded Power BI for desktop and tried pulling in the OData URL’s and this message came up:

I found Marshals commcare-tableau-power-bi/ video.
Did I miss a step? Please help?

Hi Rene,

Would you mind sending your query to
Our support team will then investigate your query further.


Hi Imongwe, Sure will do!
I sent it to : :thinking: since I thought it was a problem with our CommCare license issue. But I will forward it on.

Thanks for your response!

Hi Livhuwani, sure thank! I sent it to since I thought it was a license issue.
Wasnt sure if our CommCare package includes/ allows for the Power BI integration functionality.
I’ve been getting a weird error with the CommCare URL (Message just says : FORBIDDEN)

Thanks for your reply. I have been battling since yesterday.

I look forward to hearing back from you or the support team.


Hi Rene,

Could you please try Basic Authentication and report back?

Thank you,

Thank you so much , yes that worked!

Appreciate the prompt response by Ashley from Dimagi