CommCare Power BI creating Active Scripting Error


I’ve been successful in using Power BI to query CommCare and all of a sudden my existing dashboard is not able to query CommCare and am getting an active-scripting error. I’ve enabled and followed all possible solutions and it has failed to connect to the data. This is the error I get:

DataSource.Error: The Web.Page function requires Active Scripting to be enabled in Internet Explorer options. See for details on how to enable Active Scripting.

I tested a query using another dashboard feed link in the same project space and it works fine. For some reason my one form is producing this active scripting error. Any thoughts?


After a lot of trial and error I have discovered that if I edit the dashboard filters such that date range is set to Last 7 days my queries work fine. However, if i have it set as since a date I get the active scripting error. I have about 6 thousand rows of data…

Hi Tony,

Were you able to pick up what caused this issue and were you able to solve it? I am having the same issue at the moment, the funny thing is my other forms from the same project are downloading without any issues but the main form with the most record is giving this error. and I too have followed all the possible solutions on the internet regarding the active script error.


Hi Tumi,

I did not solve it per se and spent many hours working through all things active scripting and even spent hours with Microsoft to no avail. Since it worked if I set the excel dashboard filter in CommCare to the last 7 days it worked I suspect it was just timing out due to it constantly pulling the full data set rather than the delta.

I did eventually go back and modified the excel dashboard feed to only export the fields I needed for my visual. So, I built my visual and then went back and removed all the fields in the export that wasn’t necessary. This worked and confirmed my suspicion that somehow it was timing out with the sheer number rows and columns.

That said, I do know that the CommCare is actively working on new protocols and am super excited for this.

Good luck.

Thanks Tony this helped a lot and yes you’re right the response is timing out. So I also adjusted my filters and its semi working.