CommCare Power BI creating Active Scripting Error

(Tony) #1


I’ve been successful in using Power BI to query CommCare and all of a sudden my existing dashboard is not able to query CommCare and am getting an active-scripting error. I’ve enabled and followed all possible solutions and it has failed to connect to the data. This is the error I get:

DataSource.Error: The Web.Page function requires Active Scripting to be enabled in Internet Explorer options. See for details on how to enable Active Scripting.

I tested a query using another dashboard feed link in the same project space and it works fine. For some reason my one form is producing this active scripting error. Any thoughts?



(Tony) #2

After a lot of trial and error I have discovered that if I edit the dashboard filters such that date range is set to Last 7 days my queries work fine. However, if i have it set as since a date I get the active scripting error. I have about 6 thousand rows of data…