Commcare Local Install - Ubuntu 12.04

Hi All,

First I would like to thank everyone for the work you are doing.

On Ubuntu 12.04 - we are trying to set up a local install using the zambia
environment in the

Here we are using both the Production install on one machine & the
development install on another.

The problem we are having is this error:

Requested: /home/cchq/www/production/python_env/bin/python
update_manifest save
Executed: sudo -S -p ‘sudo password:’ -u “cchq” /bin/bash -l -c “cd
/home/cchq/www/production/code_root &&
/home/cchq/www/production/python_env/bin/python update_manifest


Fatal error: One or more hosts failed while executing task ‘_do_compress’


Any body faced this issue ?

Hi Sanjaya,

CommCareHQ and its packages are only maintained for compatibility with Ubuntu 18, so it will be quite difficult to get a working installation of the current code.

Is there a reason you are restricted to Ubuntu 12? Ubuntu 12 is significantly out of date and doesn’t receive security patches or other critical fixes, so we wouldn’t recommend running on it. If your host machine is only capable of running Ubuntu 12 you may consider running a virtualized environment with an Ubuntu 18 OS.


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Hi @Clayton_Sims thanks for the update. I have started to set it up on ubuntu 18 and will let you know upon any problem and issues.