CommCare June Updates: CommCare Mobile 2.7, CommCareHQ Improvements

Dear CommCare Users,

CommCare Mobile 2.7 is now available!

Below is an outline of new 2.7 features and major updates to CommCareHQ
since the May announcement.

CommCare Mobile

Nokia phones

  • In logical error messages on the phone, display the ID of the question
    with bad logic
  • Removed “admin/normal” option when adding a user from mobile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bad visual transition when canceling out of a form
  • Ensure the app returns to the home screen after a form encounters an
  • The app no longer crashes if you take a picture without setting the
    camera permissions

Android phones

  • The header bar at the top of the screen shows “breadcrumbs” of where
    you are in the application. On Android 4.0 and higher you can click in the
    header to go to that location in the app.
  • In logical error messages on the phone, display the ID of the question
    with bad logic
  • For questions with a validation constraint on the length of the
    answer, disable typing new characters when the answer reaches the length
  • “Android App Callout” question that integrates with other Android
    applications that are set up for integration
  • CommCare now uses the new Android look on Android 4.0 and higher.
    Note that the “menu” button is now at the top right of the screen rather
    than at the bottom.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug on install when barcode scanner scans incorrectly
  • Fixed bug that sometimes did not allow you to uncheck the "completed"
    checkbox at the end of the form
  • Fix bugs that lead to occasional crashes
  • Fixed login screen sizing for small screens

How to upgrade your apps to 2.7:


The following is a list of the major improvements we’ve made since the last
announcement in May:

  • Add questions to your form more easily by clicking icon buttons in the
    Form Designer
  • Upload multimedia files directly in the Form Designer
  • Bulk Import/Export of User Interface translations
  • Catch more bad logic references in the Form Designer
  • Move forms between modules by dragging the blue arrows in the app
  • Copy forms between modules in the “Advanced” tab of the form’s page in
    the app builder
  • Warn when downloading your application’s multimedia zip fails (usually
    due to poor connectivity)
  • Multimedia reference checker loads faster
  • Upload video files in the multimedia reference checker
  • Support for full keyboard (aka QWERTY) Nokia phones. Change the “Text
    Input” Java Phone User Interface setting to “Full Keyboard”
  • On the group’s page, display the number of users in the group
  • Fixture data shows in the correct order in the application
  • Optionally include a Youtube video with your application on the
    CommCare Exchange

As always, your questions, comments, and feedback are welcome and

Happy June,