CommCare J2ME 2.2.1 Bug Fix Update Available

Hi everyone,

I’ve just pushed a release to the CommCare HQ server which addresses an
issue some users have experienced on the J2ME (Nokia) release of CommCare
2.2.0 where the app would take a long time to start up. This build is now
available for anyone who’s been experiencing this problem.

Who’s Affected

··· * * Users an application which was built with CommCare 2.2.0 for j2me (Nokia) phones. This includes anyone who created a new app after Nov 8 and didn't manually change the version setting. New applications will automatically use version 2.2.1.

How Do I Get the Update?
On your application settings page, change the CommCare Version to “CommCare
2.2.1”, and then make and release a new build.

What is the bug, exactly? How important is updating?
On affected apps, the application will try to send and dump its internal
logs on almost every user log-in. This means that the app will take an
abnormally long time to log in, and the SD card will have multiple log
files in it.

The bug should not prevent normal application function other than this
start-up time, so replacing any existing installations is not vital unless