Commcare Interface in french

Hello Commecare users
I woul like to have the menu off commcare (start, save, incomplete, synch with server) in french when I deploy it in a tablet. How to do it?

Hi Felix,

This documentation page on our help site provides an explanation for how to do this:

Great, Thanks for helping!

Hello Guys
To change it clic on the 3 buttons on the right at the top of the screen and then select language–>French

Thank you Bayala. But if I do it, the screnn is always in english

You need to do some config on commcare hq…
Please share you commcare hq app builder config

See the screen shot in attachment

I did this configuration on commcare. My request is not to translate the form. It’s how to change the first menu of commcare in the tablette were I have (start, incomplete, save, synch with server and log out of commcare to commencer, incomplète, sauvegarder, synch avec server et quitter commcare). Thank you for your support

In order to translate the first menu items, you will need to add the keys
to the translation sets for the keys which start with


from this page:

using the process linked in the page that Aliza sent previously.


Thank you so much fo the support
Best regards