CommCare HQ Update

Dear Users,

We’ve been hard at work making CommCare HQ more powerful and simple to use.
In the last few weeks we’ve added a lot of features that make the CommCare
experience richer and more customizable, but we’re not quite ready to tell
you all of it just yet. Below are some great new features that are ready
for you to use today:

··· * * *Public Demo Domain* * * We have now exposed a public demo domain populated with real-looking data at . You can use this to play around with reports to see what they're like before you have much data of your own to play with. Since it's public, though, it won't allow you to edit anything. * * *Ability to reorder custom exports*

For a while now you’ve been able to create Custom Exports that format your
form data with the column names you’d like, and exclude columns you don’t
care about. Now you can customize them even more by putting the columns in
the order you’d like to see them!
Case search

On the reporting end, we’ve made a subtle but powerful improvement to the
Case List report that we hope we can expand to others: you can now do free
text search in the case list to find just the cases you’re looking for.

Here’s a few quick example searches that you can try out on our public demo
domain (

troy AND is:closed
ian OR william
lillian AND is:open AND modified:[2011-10-01 TO 2011-12-01]

Interface Improvements to the Vellum Form Designer

We’ve been hard at work on Vellum since we last sent out an announcement,
and the stability and quality of the interface has much improved. Check it
out by editing a form in HQ.

The CommCare Team

p.s. “Pro Tips”:

Sometimes people ask us for features that they didn’t know already exist,
so I thought I’d bring up a few useful ones that have come up recently.

Custom User Registrations

Sometimes you want to add extra information in a user registration such as
the village or region in which the CHW works. To do this, go to Application
Settings and set User Registrations to Use. You can then edit the User
Registration form that appears at the left, adding whatever fields you’d

Show Case List

To show a list of all cases on the phone without having to enter into a
form, you can add an extra menu item by going to Module Settings and
setting Case List to Show, and add the text that you want to apear for that
menu (such as “All Patients” or “List Mothers”).