CommCare HQ error during fresh installation

I'm trying to install CommCare HQ based on documentation from here Install Using Commcare-Cloud on one or more machines — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation but it gives the following error at step Deploy CommCare HQ services. When I run the command

commcare-cloud monolith deploy-stack --first-time -e 'CCHQ_IS_FRESH_INSTALL=1'

It gives below error

fatal: [ UNREACHABLE! = {"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: ssh: connect to host port
22: No route to

Do you know what could cause it? Its single server installation and it should have access to itself right?

Hi Daler,

Even in case of a single server, CommCare Cloud would still follow it's standard approach to SSH into the machine that needs HQ installed from the control machine.

It looks like currently port 22 is not opened on the machine.
Can you check for that once?

Make sure you are able to ssh to the machine with the user you are logged in as to run the commcare-cloud command, before trying the monolith install command again.


Thanks @mkangia. Seems like it was an SSH issue. I have made it pass this point and also some other errors regarding ansible user.

However, I have a new error now which I think is part of CommCare config. Duting installation of CommCare HQ this is the error which I receive now.

install 'couchdb=2.3.1~jammy' failed: E: Version '2.3.1~jammy' for couchdb was not found\n', "rc":100, ...... means that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is available from another source.

I believe its pointing somewhere in its configs to this version of couchdb which is not available, or maybe I have to include some other source of installation?

Alright, I've figured out the previous error seems like by adding the couchd_version=3.2.1 in public.yml file.

Now I have new error about haproxy:

install 'haproxy=1.8.' 'netcat' failed: E: Version 1.8. for haproxy was not found

My Ubuntu server version is 22.04 LTS. I think the current CommCare setup was prepared for Ubuntu 18? Can someone please let me know how to fix this issues of not finding some libs? I feel there are going to be a lot more.

The preivous error was fixed by adding the haproxy_version=2.4 to public.yml file.

There are new error now when I run the command commcare-cloud monolith deploy. It took a lot of time to run but at the end it gave the following error:

No config updates to processes
commcare-hq-monolith-formsplayer-spring: ERROR (not running)
commcare-hq-monolith-formsplayer-spring: ERROR (spawn error) non-zero return code x Appply failed with status code 2

This is the error when I run the command deploy formplayer.

Error getting current formplayer version. HTTPCOnnectionPool. Max retries exceeded with URL: /info

Hi Daler,

Kudos on figuring out the fixes for couch DB.

We are in the process of completely being on 22.04.

We released a notification for using 22.04 and laid out some changes here for couch DB, 71. Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation. You need not worry about the restore process since its a fresh setup.
I recommend you add those settings, if any pending, and setup again from scratch to have a clean setup for couch.

Hi Manish,

I have one last error regarding formplayer not being installed. Seems like couchdb is working just fine. Can you guide me how to install and fix the error for formplayer?

Thanks, Ive found that document about upgrade and followed that.

As of now I'm able to authorize to commcarehq but I have an error when I try to run the application. It says can not save.

I ran commands deploy formplay but everytime it gives the same error.

Error getting current formplayer version. HTTPCOnnectionPool. Max retries exceeded with URL: /info

I have managed to install formplayer using this link

I run the command django check services and it shows everything is running just fine. However, I have this error when I try to build apps and use them

Would really appreciate the support on this matter.

Hello, @daler.

Could you please attach a screenshot of the check_services output?


Here is the screenshot of the output.


I'm curious to see what the formplayer logs would show. From the chat thread it seems like you're running commcarehq on a single server, so the log file you're looking for is:

@CharlSmit ,

This is what in the logs when I stop/start the formplayer service. It doesn't show any error. And yes, Im running commcare in one single server.

Seems to be fake certificate issue.

Any idea on how turn off the SSL for formplayer? I don't have a domain yet and running letsencrypt ansible-playbook gives me an error because the domain doesn't exists, if I change it to some domain name. Would appreciate the guidance on this matter.

I am not sure if this is the issue you are facing, but one thing that may help is to ensure that the in your for formplayer is http://<my_commcarehq_url> rather than https://<my_commcarehq_url>. Similarly, you can check if the FORMPLAYER_URL in commcarehq uses http

Thank you for your reply. Can you share where I can find this application.proerties and

If you used commcare-cloud to install formplayer, the file is located in the same directory as your formplayer.jar. It looks like commcare-cloud hardcodes https for this url, so your easiest option is likely to modify this line to say http://. If you modify the file directly, it will be overwritten the next time you use commcare-cloud to update formplayer.

thanks a lot for your support. As, I do understand I don't have to reinstall everything again right? This config file is being read everytime when I start the commcare-machine.

After modification when I want to have clean installation it gives an error that master is not the same as in the guthub. When I try to run the commands on running monolith,

Hi @daler

This is normal, and will happen whenever updates are made to the commcare-cloud code. You can update it with the command

$ update-code

You can find more details, and other server management documentation here.