Commcare Export overwrittes last entry in MSSQL

Hi All,
I took a bit a bit of figuring out but it looks like I am now able to replicate my challenge: It appears our last entry in the database gets overwritten with the version in CommcareHQ older entries are not overwritten.

Our setup:
We are using CommcareHQ and use a Commcare Export Tool to regular transfer all new entries to our MSSQL database hosted in Azure.
We have 20+ tables written by the Export Tool. We want the export tool to only bring in new data and any corrections on wrong entries are done in the database side.
Now we encounter that the last entry of each table seem to be overwritten. Eventhough we are using the checkpointing option in the Export Tool query.
I have the feeling this behaviour is caused by the not proper comparing of the “since_param” from the commcare export table.
I tried manually adding a minute to the since_param for the specific column, but that does not seem to work.
Anyone has suggestions or ideas how to avoid the last entry to be overwritten?

Hi @Jos_van_der_Ent
Sorry to hear you’ve been having this challenge, that doesn’t seem like desired behaviour.
Would you be able to submit a support ticket through with all the details you’ve included here? That way we can look into this a little closer.
Thank you!

Thanks for the reply, I will contact the given address.