Commcare expert tool change pagination mode without "start-over"

I am running a Commcare export tool script for quite some time now and I have to do some work to convert this to a new server and this might also be a good time to see if I can change the pagination mode to the newer method see also: Release v1.5.0 · dimagi/commcare-export · GitHub

In our case we are using a custom checkpointing key and if any data corrections need to be they are conducted on our database/sql side. Therefore I can have the tool to overwrite older entries and so the '--start-over' parameter is not feasible.
I do have some control over the collected forms or having some overlap e.g. I have not made any corrections the last week if things are upserted for the last few days that should not be a problem. Or could I just hack a bit into the commcare_export_runs table by manually changing the "date_modified" to "date_indexed" during a quiet time?

Does anyone have a suggestion how I could best go about this?