CommCare Enterprise Features Launched

Hello Everyone,

We have rolled out three new Enterprise features:

  • Enterprise Console:
    • Enterprise Dashboard for evaluating CommCare usage across all programs.
    • Enterprise Settings to standardize reporting across all project spaces.
    • Billings Statements to manage billings at the enterprise level.
    • Manage Single Sign On for web users authentication management.
    • Read more about Enterprise Console here
  • Single Sign On (SSO):
    • Manage web users authentication by adding your identity provider.
    • This eliminates the need to remember passwords to log into CommCare. Web users will be automatically logged into CommCare authenticated through your identity provider.
    • Read more about SSO here
  • Enterprise Release Management (ERM):
    • You can link multiple project spaces and push applications and content between them creating powerful workflows.
    • You can build applications in sandbox and push them to other project spaces centralizing applications building for complex solutions.
    • Read more about ERM here

These features are available only on CommCare Enterprise Plan.



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