CommCare Cloud release notes 2021-01-11 update

The 2021-01-11 release notes have been updated.

Dropping support for Python 2

Date: 2021-01-11

Optional per env: required on all environments

CommCare Version Dependency

This change is not known to be dependent on any particular version of CommCare.

Change Context

Python 3.6 is supported and now the preferred version to use. In anticipation of dropping Python 2 support, an error will be displayed when running commands with Python 2. Instructions for upgrading to Python 3 are provided in the error message. An option is provided to temporarily revert to Python 2 (see update steps for details).

Python 2 support will end on 2021-03-04.


Pip versions greater than 21.0 are not compatible with Python 2. To avoid dependency issues, we urge you to upgrade your environment to Python 3.6 as soon as possible. Python 2 should only serve as a backup if any issues are encountered while using Python 3.

Steps to update

Setup Python 3

  • Create a new Python-3.6-based virtualenv
  • Run pip install -r requirements3.txt
  • Run pip install -e .
  • Run rm src/commcare_cloud.egg-info/requires.txt
  • Run manage-commcare-cloud install

If you encounter a problem using Python 3, you can temporarily revert back to Python 2 by activating a Python 2 virtualenv and appending this option to your command: --force-commcare-cloud-to-use-python2.

Ensure your Python 2 virtualenv is setup properly with these commands:

  • Activate Python-2.7-based virtualenv (create if necessary)
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run pip install -e .
  • Run rm src/commcare_cloud.egg-info/requires.txt
  • Run manage-commcare-cloud install

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