CommCare and R Users

Hi There,

I would like to connect with CommCare users who are also using the R Programming language. I’m looking for someone who could assist with some data cleaning and basic analysis.


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Hi André
I am an R and commcare user and have some experience using them together with the api. What kind of assistance did you have?
Thanks Will

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Hi Will, thanks for getting back to me. Do you mind meeting via Skype sometime?

Hi Andre
I could probably work that out at some point. Perhaps give me a brief outline of the project and needs to see if I can help in advance of the call.
Many thanks Will

Hi Will,

Thanks for sharing these resources:

Some other packages I came across:

  • rpivotTable is useful if you want to do a bit of data exploration without scripting.
  • The dataMaid package is useful for compiling a comprehensive report of your data with one line.