CommCare 2.53.0 is live on playstore

Hello everyone,

We have started rolling out CommCare 2.53.0 to the Google Play Store. This is a phased rollout where we are only releasing the new version to a few users to start with and will slowly roll it out to more users over the coming week.

The most important changes in this release are:

  • Added support for Android 12
  • Implemented encryption to captured media files (audio, video and image)
  • Added pause feature to Audio capture widget
  • Added a new XPath function called decrypt-string that allows the conversion of encrypted data to its original form
  • Implemented function get_json_property to retrieve individual properties from Stringified JSON documents. This is mainly relevant to address geocoding

Please report any issues/bugs you may encounter.

Hello everyone,

Quick note, we have completed the rollout of CommCare 2.53.0, it is now available to all users. Thank you for your patience and don't hesitate to report any issues you may experience.