CommCare 2.52 Beta is live

Hello everyone,

We have rolled out CommCare 2.52 Beta version to Google Play store. We are using this pre release test version to gather early feedback on the app which we can use to make improvements before the full release.
The Beta release is available on playstore but will not be visible to everyone which gives us the opportunity to fix any technical or user experience issues with minimal user impact.

To join the beta release, open this link on your android device and become a tester. Once you've entered the testing program, open commcare in playstore and join the beta program. See below screenshot

Joining the beta can take a few minutes, so close playstore and open it again after some time. Again search CommCare in playstore and this time you'll find the update button to use the beta version.

The most important changes in this pre-release are:

  • We've updated button UI.
  • Fixed sync failures due to large lookup tables.
  • Added a special itext support for showing form summary in incomplete form list. More details can be found here Form Summary Text (Pragma-Form-Descriptor) - CommCare Public - Dimagi Confluence
  • We'll use .mp3 codec for audios recorded inside CommCare
  • We'll show a better error message for app install failures due to captive portals.

Please share any feedback or report any bugs that you encounter.

Note: You can always leave the beta program from the playstore app.