CommCare 2.52.0 Pre Release available

Hello everyone,

The CommCare 2.52.0 pre-release is now available for QA. The pre-release is made available for any users or projects that would like to do their own testing of the next upcoming mobile release. Please report any issues you encounter in this pre-release version.

The most significant changes in the upcoming release are listed here -

  • Updated Signature Widget to restrict users from saving empty signatures.
  • Updated graph UI so that in case of large labels on X-Axis( length > 5 characters), we’ll rotate the labels to 75 degrees
  • Updated CommCare button UI.
  • When cc-use-mapbox-map setting is enabled for an app, we'll use mapbox styled map for capturing location for location-capture questions that have an appearance attribute of maps.
  • Fixed sync failures due to large lookup tables.
  • Added a special itext support for showing form summary in incomplete form list. More details can be found here Form Summary Text (Pragma-Form-Descriptor) - CommCare Public - Dimagi Confluence
  • We'll use .mp3 codec for audios recorded inside CommCare
  • We'll show a better error message for app install failures due to captive portals.
  • Updated case relationship algorithm so that if a form creates a cyclic case relationship on save, it will get quarantined locally on mobile and won't be uploaded to HQ. Any case updates applicable for such forms won't be applied. Only applicable for projects with auto purge on aka cc-auto-purge is set to yes in custom settings.

You can download the latest 2.52 pre-release apk by clicking this link.


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@Shivam : This particular feaure : " Updated graph UI so that in case of large labels on X-Axis( length > 5 characters), we’ll rotate the labels to 75 degrees" , it is possible to have it configurable via UI ? It seems like in this release that it will 75 degrees as of now but wanted to know how much of effort would it be if it could be possible to configure this "75" to some other value by client(s) ?
(I have a feeling that I should make a feature request for the same but checking with you first . I understand that this will be a parameter that should be captured on HQ UI and you can just consume this value on mobile grpah right?)

Hi Ashish,

That's a really nice question. Currently there's no configuration option available to change the label rotation. But I think it makes sense to give users an option to change the label rotation on x-axis. I'll see if we can add it in this release only.