CommCare 2.52.0 is live on playstore

Hello everyone,

We have started rolling out CommCare 2.52.0 to Google Play store. This is a phased rollout where we are only releasing the new CommCare release to few of the users to start with and will slowly roll it out to more users over the coming week.

The most important changes in this release are:

  • Updated Signature Widget to restrict users from saving empty signatures.
  • Updates to graph UI
    - Rotated the labels on horizontal axis to 75 degrees.
    - Enforced a character limit to the labels on x-axis depending on minimum screen width.
    (13 characters for normal phone, 16 characters for large phones, 20 characters for 7” tablet and 24 characters for 10” tablet)
    - Updated the list of supported point style: cross, diamond, triangle, square, star, wye, circle.
    - Removed expansion of bubbles in the graphs on click events.
  • Updated CommCare button UI.
  • When cc-use-mapbox-map setting is enabled for an app, we'll use mapbox styled map for capturing location for location-capture questions that have an appearance attribute of maps.
  • Fixed sync failures due to large lookup tables.
  • Added a special itext support for showing form summary in incomplete form list. More details can be found here Form Summary Text (Pragma-Form-Descriptor) - CommCare Public - Dimagi Confluence
  • We'll use .mp3 codec for audios recorded inside CommCare
  • We'll show a better error message for app install failures due to captive portals.
  • Updated case relationship algorithm so that if a form creates a cyclic case relationship on save, it will get quarantined locally on mobile and won't be uploaded to HQ. Any case updates applicable for such forms won't be applied. Only applicable for projects with auto purge on aka cc-auto-purge is set to yes in custom settings.

Please report any bugs that you encounter.

CommCare Upgrade Compatibility

We've dropped upgrade path for CommCare 2.21.0 and below. New minimum supported CommCare version is 2.21.1(Updates from CommCare 2.21.0 and below have always been failing on Android 9+ devices and this release officially deprecates this upgrade path)

Just an update here. The release is now fully rolled out to 100% of the users and should be available to everyone.