CommCare 2.51.0 is live on playstore

Hello everyone,

We have started rolling out CommCare 2.51.0 to Google Play store. This is a phased rollout where we are only releasing the new CommCare release to few of the users to start with and will slowly roll it out to more users over the coming week.
The most important changes in this release are:

  • Added support for Android 11.
  • Migrated to App Compat.
  • Added text to speech support.
  • Added support for CommCare Identity hooks
  • Deprecated linking to external files on device in forms.
  • Improved periodicity/reliability of heartbeat requests.
  • Removed header title from sub-menu screen as it’s already present in the action bar title.
  • Added a short appearance attribute for Text questions. keyboard in String Widgets will have a next button to jump to the next input question(or done button if no other input question is in the screen) if short appearance attribute is used. The same will also happen for string widgets in compact appearance attribute.
  • Improvements to RTL support.
  • Added clear button to auto advance radio button.
  • We now allow use of 3rd party barcode scanner apps.
  • We’ll now show an error dialog when attachment of size more than 15 MBs is uploaded by the user.
  • We now allow arbitrary named strings as intent callout response.
  • Fixed an issue where form incorrectly jumps to an input question when a date question is answered.
  • Fixed a bug with distance from current location case detail property.

Please report any bugs that you encounter.