CommCare 2.50 Pre-Release Available

Hello from the CommCare Mobile Team,

The CommCare 2.50 pre-release is now available for QA. The pre-release is made available for any users or projects that would like to do their own testing of the next upcoming mobile release. Please report any issues you encounter in this pre-release version.

The most significant changes in the upcoming release are listed here -

  • Added support for markdown tables.
  • Added support to selectively rate limit app resource requests.
  • Added support for app updates without multimedia using lazy downloading.
  • Increased the limit on number of allowed CommCare apps on a single CommCare instance to 4.
  • Moved Mobile Privilege option behind Advanced Developer Options.
  • Added landscape orientation support to Gregorian date widget.
  • Added a custom property cc-disable-file-oversize-warning on HQ, which when set to yes will disable file-oversized warnings in mobile.
  • Added a button to clear choices in single-select questions.
  • Added a retry button in Recovery screen.
  • Made improvements in capturing location.
  • We’ll now use CommCare’s in-built audio widget by default for audio capture question.
  • We’ll now show an error on saving a form when any of case_name, case_type, owner_id and external_id for a case is greater than 255 chars in length.
  • We’ll now delete any erroneous forms on form save by user rather than later quarantining them at the time of form submission.
  • Added support for tiered lists and barcode scan in Case Claim prompts
  • Hide the manual form Quarantine option from the scan record integrity dialog.
  • Made group label font size consistent with question text.
  • Recheck button on the Update Screen will be enabled always.
  • We’ve updated Required version comparison to include the minimal app version as well.
  • And a lot of bug fixes.

You can download the latest 2.50 pre-release apk by clicking this link.