CommCare 2.50.3 Point Release

Hey all,

CommCare 2.50.3 is now live on Google Play Store. As part of this release we have made couple important improvements in CommCare -

  1. This release pins the Let’s Encrypt Root CA to CommCare. This is required to tackle a change with Let’s encrypt root CA. The most important implication of this change is if you have a project on or if you are self hosting CommCare with your server utilizing Lets Encrypt provided SSL certificates, any devices belonging to such projects and running Android 7.1 or below should update to CommCare 2.50.3 or above before Sep 1, 2021 to be able to communicate with the CommCare server. This doesn’t affect any projects running on or

  2. Starting with this release, CommCare will no longer save the uncompressed original images captured in a form by user. CommCare will still retain the compressed copies of these images which can be viewed by users in Saved Forms or on CommCare HQ as before. This change will result in comparatively lesser disk storage used by CommCare on users devices and doesn’t have any adverse effects on user experience related to saving the images in CommCare forms.

Please let us know if you have any questions about either of these changes.