CommCare 2.49 Pre-Release Available

Hello from the CommCare Mobile Team,

The CommCare 2.49 pre-release is now available for QA. The pre-release is made available for any users or projects that would like to do their own testing of the next upcoming mobile release. Please report any issues you encounter in this pre-release version.

The most significant changes in the upcoming release are listed here -

  • Removed support for Android 4.0 devices.
  • Improved GIS capabilities so that users can view cases on map and record a boundary in an X-Form.
  • Implemented a more robust background scheduling mechanism for Auto-updates.
  • Improved error message when users are being rate-limited.
  • CommCare will start auto-submitting forms in a timely fashion.
  • Added support for updating CommCare from inside CommCare when a newer version is available on playstore.
  • We’ll now show a detailed error message when user is behind a captive portal while using CommCare.
  • Modified the search algorithm to match perfect prefixes.
  • Added support for index-of x-query function which will return the position of atomic value within a sequence.
  • Implemented a custom property cc-label-required-questions-with-asterisk to show a red asterisk to denote mandatory questions in a form.
  • Added a new flag “AUTO_SYNC_FREQUENCY” for auto-sync which will get priority over the old flag “cc-auto-update”.
  • Fixed a bug in the position of popup menus which only affected users on android 7 devices.

You can download the latest 2.49 pre-release app bundle by clicking this link.