CommCare 2.48.7 Point Release

Hello Users,

I’m reaching out to announce that there is a point release (2.48.7) now posted to the Google Play Store.

On the back of our previous release (2.48.6) which enabled TLS1.2 support on KitKat devices, this new release also enables industry standard SSL Cipher Suites on KitKat devices through the conscrypt vendor library. Android versions 5+ (SDK20+) will continue to use their platform’s native SSL libraries.

Please note that anyone who is using CommCare on a KitKat (Android 4.4) device and is using Dimagi’s production SaaS clouds will need to update to this new version to continue interacting with the server.

If the update is not yet available in your region through the play store, you can find the APK files directly from our GitHub releases page.