Collecting data offline via computer

We have a team that works in the village, my question is this: CommCare have a way that we can collect data (or entering data) without android device (on the computer)? and at the end of day upload it in the CommCare server (Database)?


Unfortunately, CommCare doesn’t have a specifically supported offline client for PCs.

One option for your team is to use an emulator like BlueStacks on a PC to run the Android application on a computer, which we have had success with in the past. Some Chromebooks also support running Android applications and we have tested CommCare functioning correctly on those chromebooks in the past, but it’s not a use case we specifically test for.

Access to the Google Play Store to download CommCare can be limited in emulated environments, but if you need, you can manually download the CommCare “APK” file from our open source ‘github’ repository to install. Finding a way to use the play store is preferable, however, since that will allow the device to receive automatic updates for the CommCare mobile app.