Checkbox questions problem

i have a problem with one of our questions, its type is checkbox, when one of the options is chosen, another list of checkbox will appear, the problem when one 2 boxes are checked the corresponding list will not show,
i have uploaded a gif photo, hopefully it helps to explain the issue



What is the display condition you’re using on the second question? Are you using the “selected” function?

no, the condition is (is equal to)

It sounds like your condition is written as

X = Y or X = Z

but when both options are checked, the answer to the question is actually “Y Z”, meaning neither of those conditions is true.

The function that Ethan suggested (“selected”) will allow you to instead write logic that describes “Y is one of the values Selected” rather than “Y is the only value selected”, and should address your problem.


thanks, i changed the condition to (selected) and it worked