Changelog: 77. SQL Repeat Record Migration


Followed the steps and ran './ populate_repeatrecords --log-path ~/couch2sql' command repeatedly to apply the change. Then, 0 document is migrated.

1. cchq echis django-manage shell -c '
from import count_docs;
print("Records to migrate:", count_docs())'

            Records to migrate: 0

2. cchq echis django-manage shell -c '
from corehq.motech.repeaters.models import RepeatRecord;
size = RepeatRecord.get_db().info()["sizes"]["active"];
mult = int((int.bit_length(size) - 1) / 10);
unit = " KMGT"[mult].strip();
print(f"Couch DB file size: {size / (1024 ** mult):.2f} {unit}B")'

        Couch DB file size: 59.36 KB

3. cchq@echis35:~/www/echis/releases/2024-04-02_01.40$ ./ populate_repeatrecords --log-path ~/couch2sql

       Migration is complete. Previously migrated 0 documents.
       Use --override-is-migration-completed to inspect or reset.

Thank you,

Hi @sirajhassan

This just means that your environment does not use data forwarding. This is normal, and nothing to worry about. This changelog does not apply to your environment, and you don't need to do anything.



Thank you so much Norman!