Changelog 56 - Upgrade Kafka

I need a bit of help with Changelog 56

The document says

Run command to upgrade Kafka version which 2.6.1 to 3.2.0

It links to this document: Kafka — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation

That document suggests (step 2) that Kafka Scala needs to be updated along with Kafka - is this correct? If so, what version?
Step 4 suggests that the brokers need updating one at a time. What is the process for that on a monolith server - is there a script for it, or is it a manual process?



Scala version: We can get the right Scala version for the respective upgrade from this Kafka documentation page Apache Kafka

Here in the documentation, it is recommended to use the 2.13 version.

Upgrade on monolith:
As monolith will only one node setup, we can directly run without any --limit parameter.

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Excellent, thanks for that feedback Shyamkumar. I wasn't 100% sure of the terminology used. That makes sense.