Change to a scrolling option for forms

(Shawn) #1

Hi All,

It was discussed at a team meeting that, scrolling down through questions 1-20 instead of clicking the next arrow could be an option to pursue. My question is: is it possible? Does CommcareHQ allow for this type of change?


(Ethan Soergel) #2

Hi Shawn,

You can organize your questions into a “question list”, which will display multiple questions on the same screen. I believe that’s what you are looking for. To access, go to Add Question > Groups > Question List, then move the appropriate questions into that question list group.

  • Ethan

(Shawn) #3

Thanks Ethan, I will give it a try.

(Shawn) #4

Hi Ethan,

I attempted this to no effect, can I create a question list question and then place my group (with 5-7 questions) within the question list? Is there anything special required?

(Ethan Soergel) #5

Oh interesting - I’m not certain what happens if you put a group inside a question list. I’d use the question list instead of a group. That is, with all questions as direct children of the question list.

(Clayton Sims) #6

You can place any structure of questions inside of a project list, including groups.

Shawn - Please keep in mind that the "Live Preview feature of HQ does not display question lists in this manner, it’s currently a mobile-only feature.