Change to a scrolling option for forms

Hi All,

It was discussed at a team meeting that, scrolling down through questions 1-20 instead of clicking the next arrow could be an option to pursue. My question is: is it possible? Does CommcareHQ allow for this type of change?


Hi Shawn,

You can organize your questions into a “question list”, which will display multiple questions on the same screen. I believe that’s what you are looking for. To access, go to Add Question > Groups > Question List, then move the appropriate questions into that question list group.

  • Ethan

Thanks Ethan, I will give it a try.

Hi Ethan,

I attempted this to no effect, can I create a question list question and then place my group (with 5-7 questions) within the question list? Is there anything special required?

Oh interesting - I’m not certain what happens if you put a group inside a question list. I’d use the question list instead of a group. That is, with all questions as direct children of the question list.

You can place any structure of questions inside of a project list, including groups.

Shawn - Please keep in mind that the "Live Preview feature of HQ does not display question lists in this manner, it’s currently a mobile-only feature.


Hi Clayton,

I am revisiting this issue, as I would like to have a scrolling effect. So, you are saying that in order to see the scrolling effect I would need to use the mobile application? That is fine, if only so that I may test it out.

Hi Shawn,

Yes. On the Live Preview side, questions are generally displayed either once-per-screen or all-at-once depending on the settings for the local user as changed by the settings tile on the home screen

On the mobile, though, questions inside of a Question List will all be shown on the same screen.


Hi Clayton,

I am super glad we started this conversation. I went through and placed all my “domains” into Question Lists, and they are perfect…but only on the live preview side. On the mobile apps, each question is still one per screen. Perhaps it his my local user settings? I went to the settings tile on the home screen and enabled grid menus to no avail. What else could it be?


I would love to try this suggestion but how can I delete my group and replace it with Question List without deleting all the questions in the group? Essentially, I have group-> question1,question2,question3…) and if I delete the group all my questions are deleted. Moreover, I tried changing the group type but it cannot changed.


Hi Shawn,

You can actually place all of your existing groups into one Question List group if that’s an easier change. The android app only really cares about the “top level” Question List grouping, so any nested ones are just treated as normal groups.


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Thanks Clayton, I was able to successfully add the scrolling function. You rock!!

Hi Clayton is it possible to reverse this? Now I would want all my questions on one page.

Hi Shawn,

Can you clarify what behavior you are trying to revert and what the outcome you want to see is?


Hi Clayton,

I was able to enable scrolling(left to right) on the mobile application by placing my groups into question lists. However, now we do not want scrolling, instead all of the questions appear on one screen.

Hi Shawn,

I’m a bit confused. The behavior of a Question List in CommCare is that questions inside of the question list do appear on one screen, vertically.

IE: If I have a form with

Question List

  • Group 1
    – Question 1
    – Question 2
  • Group 2
    – Question 3
    – Question 4

On mobile I would see Questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 scrolling from top to bottom on one screen.

Is that not what you are seeing? A screenshot might help clarify.