Change owner from a follow-up form

Hi! I would like to know if it is possible to reassign cases (change the owner) from a follow-up form? For example, a mobile user owner 1 receives a case and notices that it is owner 2 who needs to follow-up on it, I want the case to disappear from owner 1's case list and appear in owner 2's case list. But my users do not have access to HQ to use the reassign cases function. I am wondering if a user can indicate from the form that they want to assign the case to another owner and have it "reassign" the case to another owner.

your form needs to update the owner_id case property

but the trick is that that value needs to come from the form. so you either put it as a static option in a multiple choice question or you use something like a lookup table that references locations or case sharing groups.

unfortunately, we cannot get a list of mobile workers dynamically in a form unless we build that list some how.

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