Change default barcode scanner


Is there anyway to change the default the barcode scanner within the app to a different scanning application? The native one is not sensitive enough (one line vs two lines) compared to other apps that can be downloaded. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to get quality prints where I am than it is to modify the default engine to use an app that works with what we have already printed.

Primarily on Samsung A10s, Android 10, CommCare up to date. Have some old Galaxy Tab A6s too.

Many thanks.

Hi Tim,

Unfortunately I don’t think we have an obvious way to do this with the current codebase, since for simplicity we are using the embedded zxing library for scanning.

I’ve considered a few workarounds, but I don’t think any of them are sufficient for production. I added this idea to the Open Source pool for consideration in a future release, since it is probably a reasonably small amount of effort to implement.


Hi Tim,

Can you please share links to some of the scanner applications that you want to use with CommCare? I’m currently working on this integration and would like to test how it’ll work with those applications.