Categorization and Renaming of CommCare Original Illustrations

Hello everyone

I’ve been working on renaming and categorizing the original illustrations
for commcare multimedia.The idea behind this exercise was to ensure that
commcare users can access images quicker instead of going through loads of
images in just one folder.

You can access the folders here:-

Dropbox/Dimagi/CommCare/CommCare Multimedia/Open-source Original

Categorzation and Naming Logic:

I went about creating folders keeping in mind broad categories of
forms/topics present in commcare apps (Counselling, Vaccinations, Danger
Signs, Family Planning etc) and added appropriate images in each of
those folders. With respect to naming the images, It’s been a little
tricky. But in most cases the name is literal description of the image (
Ex: woman_sleeping_holding_chest as against woman_having_chest_pain). Here
again, the idea is to keep it as general as possible so it can be used in
multiple areas.

Note: There still might be a couple of mix-ups.

Feel free to alter the folders and images or if you need me to change a few
things specifically, do let me know.

These images will be up on Picassa shortly, so our partner organisations
can access them too.

··· -- Regards, Sri Ranganathan, Dimagi Field Implementer M:+91 9886752661 | Skype: sri.ranganathan1