Cases don't appear in phones after cases import

hi, I have imported an Excel file contains around 350 cases with the case importer, but they are not appearing in the mobile workers’ phones,
is there an extra step that I need to do to make that happen?

thanks for your support

Hi Aysha,

Could you check and make sure that the owner_name field has the right case owner for each case. If that looks right, I would Login to App Preview or Web Apps in CommCare HQ as one of the case owners, and check if that user sees the assigned case/s.

Also, are you sure the mobile workers have synced their phones after you imported the cases?

Let me know this investigation goes.


thanks dmore,
in fact i didn’t know about the owner_name and i just uploaded the excel sheet, i have exported the data and there’s a column filled automatically with me as the owner, what i have to do now to make the mobile users owners? and how to do it without duplicating the data? and how to avoid this in the future imports?
i am sure that the mobile users have synced their phones,

thanks a lot

Please follow this process for Updating your existing cases.

For the future, please follow this process when importing new cases.

The owner_name column is key. It defines the owner of the case, ie. the user who can see the case on the mobile phone.

Does this help?


thanks Dev, i used the reassign cases to solve this and it worked, thanks for the support

Great. You are welcome. :v:t4: