Cases assigned to certain location may need to be migrated

Hi Developers,

Under Application users - Organization Settings - Primary location for a mobile worker users

There is a message that says there are cases in following location which may need to be migrated. Won't I lose any data? What is happening?

Hello, @Lwazi .

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This message is only informational and is indicating that the locations listed have cases assigned to it, so if you decide to move a mobile worker out of a listed location (i.e. unassign a mobile worker from one of the listed locations) you will have to decide what to do with the cases so as to not leave the cases potentially unattended (in the case where there's potentially no other mobile workers assigned to that location).

The message does not mean that you need to take any action now, only that you might have to take action when unassigning a mobile worker from one of the listed locations.

I hope this makes sense?

That said, I can see how the wording might be confusing. I'll bring this up with the team.

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Make so much sense and well understood.
Thanks a lot

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