Case viewing and approval

Hi All,
I am running a project as case management and I want to apply the following rules on the forms;
a) Once the team submits the registration form using their devices (tablets), I want to create a condition that the form will not be uploaded/confirmed to the server without the review and approval of their supervisor on his device. how can I apply this condition to make the supervisor sees the submitted forms and give his approval.
b) Once the Supervisor approves I want the Manager as well to review and approve the same forms submitted and approved by the supervisor and then go to the server.

P.S: I have already done the user property and gave (is_supervisor) and (is_manager), I do believe there is a missing part that can I make both supervisor and manager approves the submitted forms.


Hi Marwan,

What you’re asking for cannot be done the way you describe it. you cannot block submission from hitting the server if the form was completed and you’re connected to the internet/sync is possible.

but, you CAN manage a workflow.

Just as you were able to leverage the user properties to show and hide forms, you can create a hidden calculation in the different forms that dictate what “phase” the data is in.

for example, you can have a case property called “review-status” and at the first step, your hidden calculation would save the value “Pending Supervisor Approval”

in the supervisor caselist/forms, filter for that property/value. and in the form, update that property to say something like “Supervisor Approved”. you can then repeat this for any additional steps. such as “Manager Approved”

when you use that data, make sure you filter for “Supervisor Approved” or whatever phase the data is supposed to be in and that should basically control the flow of information.