Case Sharing: Unrecoverable Error

I have the following error:
"Unrecoverable error: the case sharing settings for your user are incorrect… "

I have followed the steps to enable Case Sharing and creation of groups to the tea. Also, none of the users are within the same case sharing group.

I have force sync’d the application multiple times and even tried with creating a new user/mobile worker, but it still shows an error.
The only time the app allows me to proceed is when I turn off Case Sharing, and this is not suitable for me as I need it to be on… I’m not sure if I need to change any settings on the application or forms itself.

There is some test data from multiple mobile workers… Could it be that the cases that were created without the case sharing groups being defined (initial stages of testing) preventing me from accessing the form now that it’s fully defined? Hope I make sense…

Or could it be a bug?


This issue wouldn’t be related to existing cases, but due to individual users themselves being members of more than one case sharing group.

I’m a bit confused when you said

Also, none of the users are within the same case sharing group

since the purpose of case sharing is for multiple users to be part of the same group to share cases. What are you intending to sue the feature for?

One potential confounding reason this could occur is if you are using the Locations / Organizations feature, which can also introduce case sharing groups.

Something that might help your debugging:

Make a new, empty form in your app, copy the text below, and paste it into the list of questions

Form Builder clip version 1
id type labelItext:en-default labelItext:est-default labelItext:hin-default instances itemsetData
/groups_member SelectDynamic “Here is the list of all of the groups that <output value=”“instance(‘commcaresession’)/session/context/username”" /> is a member of" “{”“user-groups”":{"“src”":"“jr://fixture/user-groups”"}}" “[{”“instance”":{"“id”":"“user-groups”","“src”":"“jr://fixture/user-groups”"},"“nodeset”":"“instance(‘user-groups’)/groups/group”","“valueRef”":""@id"","“labelRef”":"“name”"}]"

This form will create a list in the form of all of the case sharing groups of which the current user is a member.

Hi Clayton

Apologies for the mis-wording. I actually meant that all users are within at least one case sharing group and none of them are in two or more groups.

I am using Case Sharing so that teams of mobile workers can update parent and child cases within their area and ensure that other teams in the same area cannot visualize or update these cases.

I am using the locations feature so I will try this out and let you know.

Thank you for the feedback. I will get back to you soon…

@Clayton_Sims It’s not allowing me to copy and paste in Form Builder. Could you give me a screenshot of the question properties and I’ll replicate it on my side?