Case Sharing Settings Help

I would appreciate any help to get rid of this message: “The case sharing settings for your user are incorrect. This user must be in exactly one case sharing group. Please contact your supervisor.”


One question about a common source of confusion: are you using the Case Sharing feature in your app with Sharing Groups exclusively, or are you also using Locaitons to share cases?


I believe case sharing feature in the app.

Have you added your users to a Case Sharing Group in the User Groups interface?

In order to use the basic case sharing feature, each of the users who creates a case needs to be in exactly one case sharing group which is shared with other users.


I am having this same issue, and I followed the Dimagi instructions to the letter. All my mobile users are in exactly one case-sharing group (case sharing is enabled, i.e., case sharing = “On” in group settings. However, four of eight get this error message when trying to add new participants. I’ve dumped the user list, and there is literally no apparent difference in the settings for those which work and those which don’t. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the issue is.


This approach is somewhat technical, but you can investigate exactly what Groups your users are receiving to their devices by inspecting the user sync data from the server manually. If you search the XML file returned for “group” you should be able to see the name of each group to which a user is assigned.