Case management with child case to feed one parent

Hi all,

I have application contents three modules (case type : A1 - A2 - A3 ), and these modules open new cases in module with case type name: B via use case child.

in case management in module B, I assign the question properties to accessing to parent, but the question is showed in all parents' data cases (A1- A2 -A3).
I want that the question is shows just in the key parent.
Your support is highly appreciatied.

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Hi @ma7moud,

Would you be able to report this issue to our support team?


I am pretty sure there is some connection due to which you are seeing it that way. However, your issue is really difficult to understand as I do not have access to what you have made or working on.
The commcare support team will be better of at helping in such cases.