Case List Icon Help

Hi All,

i need your support for the display logic in Case list

I have configured If next visit has been crossed last check list date the icon should be RED

today() > date(. + 30)

If next visit date is one or 30 more days away from last checklist date then icon should be GREEN

today() < date(. + 30)

now i want case list shows Yellow icon if next visit date is 15 days remaining (out of 30 days) but i am not able to make it.

Kindly help me on that

Note: Above two logics are working perfectly.

Thanks in advance for your support


I suspect that the issue is that your conditions overlap. For instance:

  1. today() < date(. + 30)
  2. today() < date(. + 15)

If condition 2 is true, then so is condition 1. My guess is that it picks the first one that matches, though I wouldn’t rely on that. Instead, I’d modify your conditions to make sure they don’t overlap:

  1. today() < date(. + 30) and today() >= date(. + 15)
  2. today() < date(. + 15)
    I also notice that you’re using > and <. What if it’s equal? You may want to use >= or <=, or have a separate condition for =.

Thanks Khan for posting this here.

If you are using mapping for the property last_visit_date, I suggest the following changes, in line with what Ethan shared :

  • Green : today() <= date(.+15)
  • Yellow : today() > date(.+15) and today() <= date (.+30)
  • Red : today() > date(.+30)

This describe the following scale :

                    Green     <      Yellow      <     Red    
last_visit_date              +15                 +30               ...

I hope this help.


Thanks to all. I will give a try and let u know .