Case list filtration and bulk upload

Hi Commcare people :slight_smile:
I have an app with multiple case lists filtered based on a certain value, also I have cases that I need to bulk upload, but the filtration is not applied on those cases.
what should I do?
note: I am using case sharing, so all the mobile users are assigned to one group, and those cases are assigned to the same group, but the bulk upload is done by a web user who is not in the same case sharing group.

thanks for help

i’m guessing you’re on a pro license

if the data is correct, and you just want to make sure that the cases are visible to the correct sharing group, you can go to data->reassign cases
find the cases that that user uploaded on that day
then select them all
and reassign to the correct group as shown below

if you’re looking to find out why the data that you uploaded isn’t being filtered correctly, then it might take a little more digging. if it’s a number field, then you might want to make sure it’s reading as a number and not a text, dates, etc…


the cases are assigned to the group,
I meant the case list filtration in the mobile app

I am sure that the cases are correctly upload, but this filtration doesn’t apply on them

have you tried single quotes?


something like this should work

the filtration is working fine for the new cases registered from the mobile app (even with double quotes)
I’m having a problem with the cases imported from EXcel, I need them to appear in case lists according to filtration

interesting. do the cases show up in other case lists that don’t have filters?
this is pretty odd if they do.
I would

1- Create a caselist that doesn’t have filters and make sure that those cases are showing up. if not, then it’s something different in the uploaded cases. if you can see them, proceed to step 2.
2- check the case type, and make sure that the new cases and the old cases you uploaded are coming down with the same download.
3- double check the column name to make sure that it’s matching “it’s also case sensitive”
4- double check the actual data in there and that it says “amman” and not “Amman” or “amnam” or similar. just a type basically.
5- grab a row that shows up with those filters, and grab another row that doesn’t show up. put them on top of each other, and confirm that all the fields that may contribute are the same “owner name,owner id, Closed, etc…”
6 - Try again.

if steps 2-6 do not show you what’s up, then i strongly suggest submitting a support ticket. I would make sure to follow step 5 before submitting a ticket though. because if all the data that should affect visibility is identical to new cases that you’re making through the app the only reason left would be…SYNC! which i’m sure you’re doing. so it does sound like an unexpected behavior



Thanks Mazz this was really helpful
it’s working know, I guess it was a typo