Case Information in Forms Generated by Cases

Hi All,

I’m trying to link information from exports in a fairly complex data flow.

Worker Flow:

Form 1) Household evaluation collects information on the house and generate
an case to be tested through rapid diagnostics (RDT) if positive. (create
case RDT if fever)
Form 2) RDT module has a for collecting test results for those with fever
from the first form and generates a case of the result is positive for
treatment (create case TX if positive)
Form 3) Tx module has form for collecting treatment and follow up
information for cases generated by RDT.

I know that there is a case_id line in each form which tells me the ID of
the case generated.

If there also a space in the form, in case the form is only filled out for
cases, where I can link this information back in? Basically, I would like
to link the information from all three forms together. When individuals
with fever test positive.