Case_id attribute of a <case> wasn’t set error


“The case_id attribute of a wasn’t set. Source: n1:case tag in

I have started getting this error when completing a particular form and clicking the Finish button. What can I do to get this sorted out?

Hi Daki,

That’s quite odd. How was this form created? Has it been modified outside of the form builder?

The error implies that the “Case Transaction” setup in the form isn’t configured correctly, which generally is injected by the application builder, but could also be changed by custom work.


Hi Clayton,

Thanks for replying. The form was built sometime ago by somebody else. I am not sure if it was modified outside of the form builder as different developers were assigned to work particularly on it. What is confusing here is that the error message pops up randomly. i.e, the form works well if certain check box questions are checked/selected. But it keeps preventing the user from completing the form whenever a particular choice for a certain checkbox question is selected.

That makes, since. The issue would be with that underlying custom logic. There must be a case transaction block that is conditionally included, or similar, based on the user inputs you are describing. Someone would need to dig into the custom case definitions and debug from there.

You would likely find the Web Apps Data Preview tool quite helpful, here, since it will show you the state of your form as you fill it out and it may help you understand what the custom logic is doing and how to fix it.