Case closed due to hidden value error

I’ve read through the other closed case questions, and haven’t found one exactly like this, so, I’m hoping someone has additional answers.

I have a form with a hidden value that automatically closes the case if certain answers are selected. I made a mistake in the formula so that two cases were closed in error. These cases are real data (from interviews), so, it would be very difficult to archive the closed forms and re-enter the data. I know that the way to open closed cases is to archive the form that closed them, but, in this case, it was closed in the main and (so far) only form for the case. Is there any way to re-open these?


Hi Risa! Thanks for posting this question. It is indeed a tricky situation in this case! I don’t see a good way to re-open a case here.

You could use the data corrections feature to edit the information, but since that doesn’t support calculations, the case still won’t reopen.

One thing you could try is to import a new case using the case importer, with the properties set as the one in the data collected by the user. Then, you can archive the form of the older case. This way, the data will be preserved, you’ll have the same case (but with a new case id), and the user can then continue to fill follow up forms on that case.


Hi Kishan,

I ended up doing what you suggested below, because I realized there probably wasn’t a better solution. Part of the forms that I had to re-enter is a consent form where the respondent signed in the tablet/app. Is there anyway to attach their
signatures from the original, closed cases to the new case I entered?



Hi Risa,

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to import images using the case importer. If the signatures are really important, one thing you could try is to add an “edit details” form in your application (see this help page: You can add the question to attach the image and then re-attach the images to the new cases using this form.

It is a bit of a workaround, and will involve deploying a new application version.