Cascading and validation questions

The project works in the 3 regions and 8 woredas



  • Sidama
  • South Ethiopia

Under Oromia region there are 3 woredas

  • Boset
  • Lume
  • Zewaydugida

Under Sidama region there are 3 woredas

  • Dale
  • Shebedino
  • WondoGenet

Under South Ethiopia region there are 2 woredas

  • Aribaminch
  • Mirababya

So, how to create cascading questions for this or how to design the template like when select the specific region that displays woredas under that region. E.g. when we select South Ethiopia region that display the two woredas (Aribaminch and Mirababya).

if want to collect data between june, 2024 and December 2024 how to restrict validation rule