Capturing Pictures and Audio

I am completing a survey to capture the various living conditions on the Navajo Nation. A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore I want to capture pictures of the home site to supplement the answers to the survey. How can I accomplish this?
Additionally, is there a way to record the interviewer? Some of the people living on the Navajo Nation are fluent in Navajo and may want to speak in Navajo rather than typing their answer on a tablet.

Hi Caleigh,

You can certainly capture images and audio:

There is more info on this page.

Image Capture: Captures an image. Images are stored in JPEG format.
Audio Capture: Captures an audio recording. Note: Applies to Android devices that support 3GA file types. Consider downloading an audio recorder if needed such as RecForge Lite Audio Recorder


Hi Caleigh,

CommCare has “Media Capture” question types which allow you to submit images, audio, or video. There’s more information about that here:

There are a couple caveats with using these, however. You can’t save media to the corresponding case, so the images will only be available as part of the form. It’s also of course more challenging to analyze quantitative data captured in media questions, so if you wanted to know for example the average number of inhabitants each house has, you may want to include that as a standalone question.

  • Ethan

Ah, got it. Thank you so much.