Can't save case properties


We've updated our instance recently and everything is working well, but I'm having an issue in the app builder saving new case properties in a form. All of the App's existing old case properties can be saved to the case, but no new ones can be added. ie when I try and add a new property from a from to be added and click 'Save', I get an error message. Does anyone know which part of the instance could be causing issues?

Below is a screenshot showing system info:


Hi Toby

What was the error message? Could you also check the 'Console' tab in the browser's Dev Tools to see if there are any errors.

Since this error happens when editing an app the only components that could be an issue are the UI (JavaScript), the Django web process or the DB (in this case CouchDB).

You could also check the Django web process logs to see if there were any server side errors.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the quick reply and simple instructions!
The error message was "There was an error saving", as in the screenshot below.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean about the Django web process, I'll ask Dirk to chip in here when he's got some time.

Thanks again!

Thanks Toby

Based on the new information it looks like there is a server side error (an error happening on the server when trying to process the 'save' request).

To diagnose any further we need to find out what that error was. If you are using Sentry for error tracking you could look there, otherwise you'll need to look at the server logs. Typically these would be in /home/cchq/www/<env>/log/django.log (where <env> is the name of your CommCare environment).