Can't find the button to force the refresh of a scheduled case export

This has been solved.

The ‘Create daily saved export’ box had become ‘unchecked’. Checking
(ticking) this box and saving brought back the functionality I was used to.

Sorry for taking up space here with this!



··· On 9 September 2016 at 20:26, Simon Berry wrote:

I think the interface may have changed as I can’t find the button to force
the regeneration of a scheduled case export. Where has it gone? Or am I
being stupid?

From memory the button used to be under the report itself when you went to
Data>Export Cases

The background is that we have a case export that refreshes every 24 hours
and this export is then accessed and downloaded by an Excel spreadsheet to
produce a dashboard (see

I want to force a refresh as I have made changes to the structure of this
case export and want to test that it works with the revised dashboard.

Thanks in anticipation.


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