Can we link repeat group question with a checkbox question


You could use the count-selected
(with Q1 as the argument) as the count of your repeat to repeat once for
each selected item.


··· On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 5:06 AM, wrote:

Hey folks

I am interested in linking a repeat group questions with the options
selected in previous checkbox questions.

For example:

Q1: What water sources do you use: (a) government provided (b) handpump
© borewell (d) dug well (e) purchased water (f) others

Q2 (a) How far is the source from your place

Q2 (b) how many members go to fetch water- males and females

Q2 © water is used for what purposes- drinking, household, irrigation,

Now I want to ask Q2 only for each of the options selected in Q1 only.

Currently, I ask an additional question on how many water sources do you
use to have a numeric link to repeat group question.

Is there a way out?

Thanks in advance!

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